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Animorphs by ~Mangoshell

My name is Rachel.

My father thinks I'm as tough as any boy. My cousin Jake says my specialty is kicking butt. Marco calls me Xena, Warrior Princess, and jokes that I'm always the first to want to fight.

He's right. I'm front and center. Head of the line. "Let's do it," I've said, more times than I can count.

And I'm afraid that if I keep giving in to the urge, sooner or later I'll forget how to do anything else.

Book #27, "The Exposed."

In [community profile] ten_forward: Rachel is fresh from the final page of Book One, The Invasion. She has only just learned about the existence of aliens, that there is a war going on in her universe, and that a big part of that war is going to be based on Earth. She also knows that she and her friends may have just taken the first step toward a future that has no Earth at all. And she knows she has to get to homeroom before the bell rings or risk exposure to her evil Assistant Principal.

Rachel's going to be played through her canon in [community profile] ten_forward. It's gonna be fun and awful, in turns.

Physical Appearance: Rachel is a thirteen year old girl (in [community profile] milliways_bar she is eternally 16 and in [community profile] shatterverse, she is currently closer to 19) with long blonde hair and blue-eyes. She is tall for her age, slim and athletic, moving with casual grace. She is head-turning beautiful and pretty much always impeccably dressed.

(In [community profile] milliways_bar, Rachel has absolutely no marks anywhere on her body - except a very apparent, very savage set of claw marks across the back of her neck. Almost like a wild animal had tried to behead her. Despite her young age and near-pristine appearance, making eye contact with Rachel is like meeting the gaze of a very experienced, very war-torn soldier who would describe past battles as "The Glory Days.")

A Few Notes About Morphing: This is an ability Rachel and her friends were given that allows them to "acquire" DNA from any living creature they touch and then, by focusing on the image of that animal in their mind, to change their physical bodies into an exact copy of that animal. When this happens, Rachel will be sharing headspace with the instincts of that animal, which is both helpful and burdensome: Sure, the seagull already knows how to fly but can she get it to shut up about that Butterfingers wrapper in the dumpster and focus on the job, please?

Morphing comes with limitations. The process can be slow and awkward and, with Rachel at least, is nearly always completely lose-your-breakfast disgusting. It isn't painful but sometimes the noises are bad enough and Rachel makes a point of never morphing in front of a mirror. Rachel is also unable to morph in or out of a new shape while wearing normal clothes. In order not to embarrass the hell out of themselves, she and her friends managed to learn to morph while wearing skintight items - mostly spandex. This also means she has a habit of not carrying things on her person or wearing jewelry. Shoes are a major source of frustration.

While instincts come with the morphing package, memories do not. With animals, this means very little, unless she's posing as a household pet and someone is asking her to perform an unfamiliar trick, or expecting her to follow a certain habit. For human morphs, this means she can't speak any new languages, remember old jokes, properly handle a new weapon, etc.

Rachel can only stay in a morph for exactly two hours. Any time after that period and she will be stuck forever, unable to return to her human body or morph to any other. This condition makes the person a Nothlit. (Fun note: this subject makes Rachel touchy in a face-eating sort of way.)

It should also be noted, for those who have extraordinary senses, that through the magic of sci-fi YA teen series logic, while Rachel is human there is no way to sense her ability to morph using human senses. In a lot of cases, even the inhuman would have difficulty detecting it. Morphing is an entirely technological science. While Rachel needs to call upon the ability with mental force, it is not actually attached to her spirit, soul, or emotions. Apparently, if someone were to get hold of her blood and had a microscope handy, they might be able to separate human DNA from the many many samples of animal DNA she carries in her bloodstream. That is the only sign of her morphing ability that Rachel carries in her human body. There are no other signs.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Wait a second, science doesn't work that way," allow me to assure you that Rachel doesn't care and apparently neither did her canon.

If you think your pup might be able to tell anyway, I would really appreciate a ping before announcing it in a tag. Thanks!

Master List of Morphs

<Watch out, Rachel,> Cassie called. <There's a door straight ahead of you.>

<Nah, there's no door,> I said, and plowed all my eight hundred pounds into a steel door that popped open like the lid of a jack-in-the-box.

Book #7, "The Stranger."

Extras: Regular dialogue will be between normal "" marks. Thoughtspeak, a silent method of communication that is literally Rachel's voice in someone else's head and can only be used while she is in morph, is signified with < > marks.

Thoughtspeak is like email - Rachel can 'speak' to one person specifically, to a group of people, or shout/scream her thoughts as far as they'll carry. The direction of her words will be explained in the narration of posts.

History: For massive spoilers for the Animorphs series, please click here for the first four chapters from the last book in the series, #54 "The Beginning." That's quite literally Rachel's "Own Words" of who she is and what she's doing.

For something even briefer, please click here for a short overview of her history and personality.

For [info]milliways Specifically: For those who can tell such things by sensing, hearing, etc. Rachel has no heartbeat. She technically doesn't need to breathe but does so habitually (at this point, she's not aware that she doesn't need to yet). She doesn't need to eat either.

It's a big, bad world out there, boys and girls. At least, my world is. Lions and tigers and bears... and those are my friends.

Joke. Sorry, I'm not very good at jokes.

Book #32, "The Separation."

The Six Animorphs by ~Shoomlah

Rachel is from the Animorphs book series, and is the property of K.A. Applegate. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]shatterverse, [info]playinginsand, and [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Icons are of the actresses/models Yvonne Strahovski, Bar Raefeli, and Amber Heard and are being used without permission for fun, not profit.

This character was also played at Livejournal as [profile] amazonofthe21st.
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